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The Songs:
  1. Prayer For Peace
  2. Circus, Circus
  3. Prelude
  4. Air
  5. Earth
  6. Fire
  7. Water
  8. Gladiator
  9. InterMOEzzo
  10. Priority One
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“There’s a fine line between absorbing your influences and respectfully playing music in the same vein or allowing those influences to overwhelm your sound. Myriad is a power trio whose sound bears a resemblance to Rush, but Tom Spagna (drums and percussion), Ed Moehring (guitars, synth guitar and vocals) and Brian Cohen (bass and bass pedal synth) know where to draw the line between respect and replication. Natural Elements finds the New York-based group opting for a slightly more symphonic sound without relinquishing the rock edge identifying the classic compositions of Lifeson, Lee and Peart. Centerpiece to this album is the “Natural Elements Suite,” five separate tracks (including a prelude) that cover more than 32 minutes of music. Moehring, who sometimes sings in a style slightly reminiscent of Jim Pembroke (Wigwam), nicely balances his vocals within the compositional contexts. Myriad closes its album with “Priority One,” which true to its Rush-like title, proves to be an excellent showcase for the instrumental talents of a group operating in the same hemisphere as its heroes.”
Mark Newman – Contributor, Progression Magazine (Issue #46, Spring/Summer 2004):
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Prayer For Peace
Circus, Circus
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The Songs:
  1. Beyond This Realm - Part 1
  2. Beyond This Realm - Part 2
  3. Beyond This Realm - Part 3
  4. Always I Know
  5. Eva (for Evelyn)
  6. 33 To The Surface
  7. SpeCial K
  8. The Eternal Spring
  9. Tomorrow The Sun
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Nick Tate - Contributor, Progression Magazine (Issue #65, Spring 2013):
"Like Rush? You'll love Myriad. Especially if you're resistant to Geddy Lee's Banshee wail. This New York outfit is as close to a Rush tribute as it gets without playing tunes from the venerable Canadians. Specter, Fate & Fable re-imagines the classic power-trio format - chiming guitars, trebly bass and melodic drums - that made Rush iconic. But singer/guitarist Ed Moehring has a more understated voice than Lee (and is a tasteful soloist). Drummer Pat Bascunan is, like Neil Peart, practiced in the art of sensitive cymbal work but has his own sound. And bassist Brian Cohen's rumbling freight train of a bottom end clearly captures Lee's textured, punchy style. The album (Myriad's second) opens with "Beyond This Realm," a 22-minute suite possessing 2112-like sensibilities via blistering solos, tricky meter shifts and galloping rhythms. Similarly, "Eternal Spring" evokes Hemispheres. There's even a classical guitar piece ("SpeCial K") echoing Alex Lifeson's intro to "The Trees" and a drum solo ("Eva") to display Bascunan's chops. With a band mirroring influences this faithfully, it's important to walk - but not cross over - that line separating homage and mimicry. Myriad navigates that divide with exciting results."